X-Men prequel takes UK top spot

Fantasy film X-Men Origins: Wolverine has snarled to the top of the UK and Ireland box office chart, making £6.6m in its first five days on release.


The total, which includes two days of previews, is three times what Hannah Montana: The Movie, its nearest rival, took between Friday and Sunday.

Hugh Jackman’s blockbuster, a prequel to the X-Men trilogy, is also the top film in the US and Canada.

State of Play, last week’s UK number one, drops down to third place.

However, its second weekend takings of £0.98m still put it ahead of romantic comedy Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which entered at four.

Zac Efron’s body swap comedy 17 Again is in fifth place, with animated adventure Monsters vs Aliens falling four places to six.

Action sequel Fast & Furious, the comedies I Love You,

Man and In the Loop and horror remake The Uninvited round out this week’s Top 10.

The only other new release in this week’s chart is Sir Michael Caine’s comedy drama Is Anyone There?

That question might well have been asked in the country’s cinemas, where the British film took a disappointing £123,309, landing at number 11.

This Friday sees the UK release of the eagerly anticipated Star Trek which, like the Wolverine film, is an origins story based on a much-loved original.

However, JJ Abrams’ film may face competition from Coraline, a stop-motion animation showing in digital 3D in selected cinemas.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

As a kid one of the few comics I actually read were Spiderman and Wolverine. I will admit I never really got into the origins of Logan and although I knew the key elements about Sabretooth being his arch enemy and SilverFox being his slain love I didn’t know the story of his childhood and found it quite interesting to watch it unfold on the big screen. The movie has also fired up my urges to go pickup a couple of back issues of Wolverine and dive deep into the Weapon X comics and how they told the origins of Wolverine just to see how it compares to the film.


‘Wolverine’ is a spin-off movie broken off from the X-Men series. In this movie we can expect to find out more about Wolverine’s past, as he travels the globe in search of his lost memory.

Overall Wolverine delivered as a fun video game paced movie that had plenty of action, just enough grittiness and enough good writing to drive the story along at a very fast pace that definitely impressed the very loud theatre audience I saw the film with tonight. I felt that they did a very good job at showing Logan’s upbringing and delving into the complicated relationship between him and Sabretooth and even those in the audience who had never read a single comic would have had enough understanding to then follow the whole movie.

It was nice that they didn’t make the film to overly cliche especially when they covered the unusual relationship between Sabretooth and Wolverine. Although PG-13 they were also not afraid to push the line where it fit the story with certain characters like DeadPool and they certainly didn’t try and make a sugar coated X-Men movie.This movie although by no means as dark as Batman Begins and Dark Knight is also not light and fluffy like the X-Men movies. It could have been darker but it was considering its rating a pretty good PG-13 telling of a very violent mutant.

It was also nice to see so many different mutants in the movie including Young Cyclops, The Blob and my personal favorite Deadpool. The movie had a nice mix of elements that made the movie a great waste of 90minutes and in my view a fun comic book movie although admittedly not the best comic book movie I have seen. The movie lacked the magic of The Dark Knight but it certainly had some of the light heartedness of Iron Man and was a definite leap above the X-Men movies which for me were just to tame. I would say if you liked X-Men and are a fan of the Wolverine Character you will definitely enjoy this movie. Go and check it out and just remember its not going to wow you with any deep thinking but it will tell you the origins of Wolverine in a fast paced and fun environment.

I did notice quite a few scenes were missing from the movie including a scene with Young Storm and a beech sequence with SilverFox. So it seems the movie has a few alternate sceens for DVD and with some luck we will get an unrated extended DVD cut that offers more then the typical cliche 30seconds of extras. Clearly the Young Storm scene comes from when Weapon X is in Africa but I am not sure how the alternate Silver Fox scene would work. Here is hoping we can get more of the Africa Mission and lots more character development in the DVD Release that may have been cut out for the theatrical release to cut the time down.

Oh and for those who are wondering… Yes just like in Blade Trinity ( which totally destroyed the Blade Movie Franchise ) Ryan Reynolds stole the movie with his one liners and funny antics. Ryan Reynolds as DeadPool was fantastic and like many fan boys before me I also declare, he needs his own comic book movie franchise already!