2009 USD Mallett Corvette Z03

Mallett Cars has developed a full 24000 mile/ two year guaranteed 999 hp Twin Turbo engine upgrade, which makes the Mallett Z03 the most powerful Corvette series ever produced. After the first testings of the 999HP engine upgrade, acceleration times from 0 to 60 mp/h have been clocked under 3 seconds and the top speed of reaching 220 miles per hour.




The Mallett Z03 will be available with two optional performance packages based on the GM’s LS7 engines, a 700 hp supercharged conversion and a 999 hp twin turbo conversion. Pricing of the conversion of your Corvette C6 or Z06 into a USD Mallett Z03 is set at $ 69.000 for the full bodywork conversion including reference class paintwork.