Aquada, the amphibian car

The Gibbs Aquada is all set to be launched in the United States of America and all the car lovers who are interested in amphibious cars can buy the vehicle at around $85,000. For all those who have come in late, Aquada has been developed by Gibbs Technologies. The vehicle is built with High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology which can make the car travel both in water and on land.


The car can be driven at the maximum speed of over 100 miles / hour on land and in water it can travel at a speed of around 30 miles / hour. The technology used to build the car is truly innovative as the makers have neither tried to add wheels to a boat model nor the other way round. Rather it has been fashioned in such a way that it is efficient both on land and in water.


The Aquada made into the headlines when Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Group, used the car to cross the English Channel in the year 2004. He took around 1 hour 40 minutes to cross the Channel and was even successful in breaking a previous record of 6 hours, which was standard since four decades. In addition, to such favorable feats, the journalist of Top Gear magazine, Paul Walton, who also drove the Aquada in and around the Monaco Harbor during the 2004 Grand Prix of Monaco, gave positive reviews on