German cars tops in latest ADAC Breakdown Statistics

Reliability is the main concern for most car buyers, and for obvious reason – for such a large investment, the car better start up and take you where you need to go. And while all brands have their issues, it turns out German cars fared best this time around, mirroring last year’s results.

The turnaround is something of an upset, since Japanese cars dominated most of the previous decade in reliability surveys. The Germans have definitely upped their game, however, with Audi at the leading edge. The Audi A2, A3 and A6 all ranked tops in their classes, though Mercedes-Benz’s C-Class just edged out the Audi A4 in the mid-size sedan class.

BMW’s cars also showed well, with the X3 taking its class, the 3-series convertible and coupe taking the sports car/convertible class and the 5-series ranking second behind the A6 in the large sedan class.

Japanese brands were nearly absent from many lists, getting only one car in the top 5 in any class – the Toyota Aygo, which placed second behind the A2. The bottom rungs of the classes weren’t all Japanese either, however, with Korean, French and U.S. brands taking most of the lower rungs, especially Ford, Opel, Renault and Hyundai.

The ADAC Breakdown Statistics information is compiled by analyzing the 2.46 million qualifying call-outs of the ADAC roadside assistance team for the calendar year 2008. To be considered, a vehicle must have been manufactured between 2003-2008, registered in volumes of at least 10,000 in Germany and largely unchanged for at least the past three years – ruling out brand-new cars’ effect on the previous model’s statistics.


2009 USD Mallett Corvette Z03

Mallett Cars has developed a full 24000 mile/ two year guaranteed 999 hp Twin Turbo engine upgrade, which makes the Mallett Z03 the most powerful Corvette series ever produced. After the first testings of the 999HP engine upgrade, acceleration times from 0 to 60 mp/h have been clocked under 3 seconds and the top speed of reaching 220 miles per hour.




The Mallett Z03 will be available with two optional performance packages based on the GM’s LS7 engines, a 700 hp supercharged conversion and a 999 hp twin turbo conversion. Pricing of the conversion of your Corvette C6 or Z06 into a USD Mallett Z03 is set at $ 69.000 for the full bodywork conversion including reference class paintwork.

Aquada, the amphibian car

The Gibbs Aquada is all set to be launched in the United States of America and all the car lovers who are interested in amphibious cars can buy the vehicle at around $85,000. For all those who have come in late, Aquada has been developed by Gibbs Technologies. The vehicle is built with High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology which can make the car travel both in water and on land.


The car can be driven at the maximum speed of over 100 miles / hour on land and in water it can travel at a speed of around 30 miles / hour. The technology used to build the car is truly innovative as the makers have neither tried to add wheels to a boat model nor the other way round. Rather it has been fashioned in such a way that it is efficient both on land and in water.


The Aquada made into the headlines when Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Group, used the car to cross the English Channel in the year 2004. He took around 1 hour 40 minutes to cross the Channel and was even successful in breaking a previous record of 6 hours, which was standard since four decades. In addition, to such favorable feats, the journalist of Top Gear magazine, Paul Walton, who also drove the Aquada in and around the Monaco Harbor during the 2004 Grand Prix of Monaco, gave positive reviews on

Audi R8 Reviews

There is no doubt that when the Audio R8 first appeared on our television screens in the advertisement, there was almost an audible gasp as this beautiful machine revealed itself. It is a thing of beauty, and many a viewer would have been secretly hoping that the lottery numbers would come up, so they could get their name down on the list to own one.

Audi R8060001

The R8 is Audi’s attempt to place itself amongst the elite super car manufacturers, Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin, BMW and Mercedes. There is no doubt that the Audi R8 is a head turner, and no doubt will draw crowds of eager aspiring owners, but it has the power to deliver performance as well. Audi has combined a lightweight aluminium chassis and body with a 420bhp V8 4.2 litre engine which can propel the car to a top speed of 187 mph, and from a standing start to 62mph in just 4.6 seconds. Audi insist that the R8 will be a good seller on it’s own, but there is no doubt that the idea is to use the magic of the R8 to influence sales across the rest of the brand, and there will be fewer finer cars available that have the kind of influence that Audi were looking to achieve.

The designer of the R8 had in mind the Audi principles of elegant strong lines, but they also had to manage to allow huge amounts of cooling air to force its way through to the engine and brakes, hence the car has two large air intakes either side of the Audi grille. Twelve LEDs just below the headlamp cluster enhance the sleek appearance of this super car. The pronounced wheel arches added to the strong lines have a more practical use rather than simple good looks. These are designed to capture air and direct it along the contours to the engine bay.

Viewed from the rear, the V8 engine is visible through the glass case and the finned rear air intakes above the fuel pipes have been designed for maximum visual impact. The manufacturers have included an automatic spoiler which pops up when the car reaches speeds of 62mph or more. This drops down below 22mph, but has been designed so as not to ruin the sleek lines of the car.

Dream car

Dream car

Internally, the driver’s seat evokes the feeling of being in a single seater fighter plane. The dashboard has two cam shaped instrumental panels divided by a screen, rather than a usual symmetrical shape the centre console has been designed to allow greater flow of air from the vents. The console is completed with an open gated gear knob surrounded by a metal plate giving the appearance and feel of a precision tool. The gear stick handles superbly and adds to the sporty feel of the car.

The driving experience of the Audi R8 is something which has attracted huge attention. Audi seem to have got the balance of power and weight exactly right. Although the consensus is that the automatic version is best avoided, the manual gearbox has been described as one of the best manufactured anywhere. Audi have always had the ability to produce cars which are fine going in a straight line, but the R8 has meant a radical departure for Audi in that they have now managed to produce a car with this type of performance which has great handling capabilities. The outstanding road holding of the chassis combined with all wheel drive, produces smooth cornering and safe handling at speed. There is an optional ‘magnetic’ ride which alters the dampers to take into account driving conditions.

So all the driving that you will do in your free time on open roads with the wind blowing through you hair are well catered for, but it is in the area of everyday driving which the Audi R8 owner may feel slightly let down. The boot of the car is tiny and the back seats are replaced with a small ledge, leaving very little room for all your shopping items. Thick pillars at the front of the car and noticeable blind spots around the car mean that there are likely to be the odd accident and scrape whilst changing lanes or parking your pride and joy. The optional ceramic brakes are not particularly smooth, and appear to be very keen. Audi have been made aware of this fact and say they will correct this.

TATA NANO – Car For You

Owning a car is definitely one of the ultimate dreams of everyone. But with the high cost of vehicle ownership, meaning not only the car itself but the cost of maintaining a car, one can only wish for the invention of the world’s cheapest car, a unit that is affordable yet never lacking on the excellent features and the admirable details. Thankfully, that wish is now granted – welcome the Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car.

tata nano

tata nano

Spacious interiors, sensibly-designed hood and driver’s diagnostic panel (speedometer, tachometer) conveniently in the middle of the dashboard affords pleasant driving experience. Despite the affordable price tag, car owners are assured of the strength and power of a regular-priced compact car. It has tow cylinders for fuel efficiency, 624cc and 33 horsepower, all neatly packaged in the back of this spacious car model. But the question ultimately boils down to the price tag? And the ultimate answer – $2,000, more or less. Yup, less than what you would pay for an exclusive dinner of Angus beef, caviar and champagne in one of those certified Hollywood celebrity den in New York City. During the launching, it has a $1,980 dealer price.

World's Cheapest Car

World's Cheapest Car

Tata Nano cars are set to be exported in Southeast Asia and Africa in a few years, and possibly the United States given the poorer state of Americans these days. The first 100,000 units have been already booked for April in earnest first-come, first-served markets.