Mexican Swine flu : 149 die in mexico

The Swine Flu, which was first reported in Mexico, now spreads to other parts of the world, faster than expected. At least 149 people have been killed so far by this killer disease in Mexico. In addition, USA, Canada, New Zealand, European countries including Spain, France and UK and Asian countries China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea and Malaysia have raised a Swine Flu alert. Swine Flu, a common disease among the Pings, now spreads to the humans.

swine flu spreads the world

swine flu spreads the world

Canada, Spain and the united states have confirmed the cases of Swine Flu. Mexico’s government has confirmed the death toll at 149 and number of affected people at 1,995. The Swine Flu disease was first reported two weeks ago. All schools in Mexico have been closed till May 6.

While the Bird Flu is found among the poultry products, Swine Flu is found among the pigs. It normally does not affect the humans, but has emerged as a killer disease, for the first time. According to Physicians, cooking pork at an internal temperature of 71 degree Celsius, will kill the Swine Flu virus.Some of the common symptoms of Swine Flu are fever, headache, uneasiness and sore throat. The stocks have plummeted across the world, as the Swine Flu spreads. Travel Industry and Airlines Industries. According to World Bank, the Swine Flu pandemic could cost the world $3 trillion.

The Indian government has issued an advisory, asking its citizens to restrict visits to Mexico, US, Canada, New Zealand and France, which are seen as most affected by Swine Flu outbreak.

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