TATA NANO – Car For You

Owning a car is definitely one of the ultimate dreams of everyone. But with the high cost of vehicle ownership, meaning not only the car itself but the cost of maintaining a car, one can only wish for the invention of the world’s cheapest car, a unit that is affordable yet never lacking on the excellent features and the admirable details. Thankfully, that wish is now granted – welcome the Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car.

tata nano

tata nano

Spacious interiors, sensibly-designed hood and driver’s diagnostic panel (speedometer, tachometer) conveniently in the middle of the dashboard affords pleasant driving experience. Despite the affordable price tag, car owners are assured of the strength and power of a regular-priced compact car. It has tow cylinders for fuel efficiency, 624cc and 33 horsepower, all neatly packaged in the back of this spacious car model. But the question ultimately boils down to the price tag? And the ultimate answer – $2,000, more or less. Yup, less than what you would pay for an exclusive dinner of Angus beef, caviar and champagne in one of those certified Hollywood celebrity den in New York City. During the launching, it has a $1,980 dealer price.

World's Cheapest Car

World's Cheapest Car

Tata Nano cars are set to be exported in Southeast Asia and Africa in a few years, and possibly the United States given the poorer state of Americans these days. The first 100,000 units have been already booked for April in earnest first-come, first-served markets.


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